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Tipsy Treacle Tart

From the Lyle’s Golden Cookbook, a mere whippersnapper of book from the archive dating back a mere thirty years comes this recipe for a traditional favourite at this time of year, the treacle tart. In line with the product the … Continue reading

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St David of Scotland

With today being St David’s day, whereby the Welsh St David is publicly lauded I thought that I would give another St David some kudos. This David was the youngest of the six sons of King Malcolm III (who deposed … Continue reading

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Festive Gingerbread

Returning once again to the early thirties and Elizabeth Craig we come to that staple of the British tea table : Gingerbread. Sweet, sticky and spicy it has many copies but very few rivals. A tireless champion of the ‘British … Continue reading

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A Gingerbread Man In A Gingerbread House . . .

Gingerbread dates back to the 15th century, and figural biscuit-making was practiced as far back as the 16th century. The first documented instance of man-shaped gingerbread biscuits was at the court of Elizabeth I. She had the gingerbread figures made … Continue reading

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Of Sugar, Alcohol And Eggs

Sugar rationing ended in Britain at midnight on Saturday 26th September, 1953, after 13 years, 8 months, 2 weeks and 6 days. This was only a tad less than the Prohibition era that began on January 17th 1920 and remained … Continue reading

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Treacle & Suet

The use of suet and treacle together have long been a tradition in British cookery. Modern trends towards lighter, more healthy puddings using the lighter sponge recipes didn’t really come into the popular psyche until after the second world war. … Continue reading

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The Evolution Of Honey

A Brief History of Honey Exactly how long honey has been in existence is hard to say. Cave paintings in Spain from 7,000 BC show the earliest records of honey gathering and there are fossils of honey bees that date … Continue reading

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