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Marguerite Patten – The Queen Of Rationing

Hilda Elsie Marguerite Patten, CBE (born 4 November 1915, 4 June 2015, aged 99) née Brown, was an English food writer, teacher, economist and, along with Phillip Harben one of the first radio and TV cooks. Born in Bath, Somerset she … Continue reading

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Victory in Europe

This past weekend has seen the country-wide celebration of the 70th anniversary of the end of the second world war in Europe. Six years and one day of privation and danger turned into a national street party. Although rationing was … Continue reading

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Some Beauty Tips . . .

This magazine article from 1959 is of interest since by this time rationing was completely forgotten. And although Paris and Milan still held their pre-war eminence, more and more beauty products from around the globe were becoming available. All things … Continue reading

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Bangers ‘n’ Mash!

Sausage (sos-ij) – noun. The word originates from the mid 15th century:  Middle English sau-sige, dialectal Old French sausiche, Late Latin salsi-cia,  neuter plural of salsi-cius  seasoned with salt, derivative of Latin salsus or salted. “A lozenge of minced pork, … Continue reading

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Of Sugar, Alcohol And Eggs

Sugar rationing ended in Britain at midnight on Saturday 26th September, 1953, after 13 years, 8 months, 2 weeks and 6 days. This was only a tad less than the Prohibition era that began on January 17th 1920 and remained … Continue reading

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“Whale Meat Again . . .”

Throughout the Middle Ages whale was consumed throughout Europe. It was hunted for both its meat and its oil. Under Catholicism, all aquatic beings being considered “fish”,  whale was deemed suitable for eating during Lent and other “fasting periods” An … Continue reading

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Getting Out Of A Jam . . .

. . . What You Put In! Once again the fruits of the summer are swiftly forming and ripening in the gardens and hedgerows. My first crop is likely to be gooseberries, no surprise there, which though of minimal appeal … Continue reading

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The Evolution Of Margarine . . .

A Stork in the Kitchen! Product development brought about through adversity may seem a contradiction in terms, but the simple need for a safer and more reliable means of feeding the front-line troops led to a rapid development of the … Continue reading

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The Festival of Britain

London, 1951 The Festival of Britain was a national exhibition which opened in London and around Britain on the third of May 1951 by King George V. Being only a short six years since the end of World War II, much … Continue reading

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The Ration Of Fashion

The Austerity Look Part 3 of 3 Sensible shoes, square shoulders, short skirts and ‘painted legs’ soon became the norm. A large number of the European fashion ‘houses’ re-located to Berlin or went into mothballs. The fashion industry went into … Continue reading

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