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Honey, Spice & All Things Nice

Honey and Ginger have long been considered staples of the ‘cold weather’ tea-table. Although the cost of spices in general has dropped considerably during the last century, they are still seen as a luxury, even today. As such they are … Continue reading

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Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

The name is a bit of a jaw-cracker but Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin was probably the first food critic. Born in the town of Belley, where the Rhône River separates France from Savoy to a family of lawyers, he studied law, … Continue reading

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Variations On A (Chocolate) Sponge!

The sponge cake, once the mainstay of the British kitchen, has diminished somewhat in the last few years what with the decline in schools ‘Home Economics’ style schooling where the basics were drummed into many an unwilling pupil. Although celebration … Continue reading

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The Novelty Cake

Following on from the Maypole cake we come to that most magical treat, a childs birthday cake. Whether fruit cake or sponge, home-made or shop bought even the most modest cake can, with a modicum of imagination, be transformed into … Continue reading

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Pick Your Christmas Cake . . .

Here are just a few images from the archive, to suggest possible styles without excessive explanation. The first example is the ‘Golden Ball’ Christmas cake! (Victoria Beckham eat your heart out!) How to create the look is detailed more precisely … Continue reading

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The Battenburg

Though not essentially a Christmas recipe, the Battenburg follows the German style of marzipan and bright colours. The British Royal Family were introduced to it during the reign of Queen Victoria. The first Battenberg Cake was created in 1884 by … Continue reading

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Going Bananas!

(Oh, yes), we have no bananas, We have no bananas today. We’ve got string beans, and onions, And big juicy lemons, And all kinds of fruit, and say, We’ve got an old fashioned tomato. A Long Island potato, (Oh, yes), … Continue reading

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