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Easter Breads And Braids

Fruit Braid & Easter Ring  This is possibly one of my favorite sweet-dough recipes. There are others but having used this on a number of occasions and always getting a good result I shall include it here. These recipes come … Continue reading

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Honey, Spice & All Things Nice

Honey and Ginger have long been considered staples of the ‘cold weather’ tea-table. Although the cost of spices in general has dropped considerably during the last century, they are still seen as a luxury, even today. As such they are … Continue reading

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Of Sugar, Alcohol And Eggs

Sugar rationing ended in Britain at midnight on Saturday 26th September, 1953, after 13 years, 8 months, 2 weeks and 6 days. This was only a tad less than the Prohibition era that began on January 17th 1920 and remained … Continue reading

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Treacle & Suet

The use of suet and treacle together have long been a tradition in British cookery. Modern trends towards lighter, more healthy puddings using the lighter sponge recipes didn’t really come into the popular psyche until after the second world war. … Continue reading

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The Perfect Sponge

The following pages come from one of the first cookery books I ever owned. It was produced by the publishers of Woman’s Own magazine at a time when the womens magazine business was booming. A lot of the pamphlets from … Continue reading

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The Evolution Of Honey

A Brief History of Honey Exactly how long honey has been in existence is hard to say. Cave paintings in Spain from 7,000 BC show the earliest records of honey gathering and there are fossils of honey bees that date … Continue reading

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The Zenana Missionary Society

Zenana (Persian: زنانه, Urdu: زنانہ), refers to that part of a house belonging to a Muslim family in the Middle East and/or South Asia that is reserved for women. How and why do I get myself involved with these things? Being an … Continue reading

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A Ration Of Christmas

The year 1947 was memorable for many reasons. It was preceded by severe winter and spring that caused many a frozen pipe throughout the country. At that time central heating was limited to those who could afford such luxuries. Food … Continue reading

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The Evolution Of Treacle . . .

Treacle and Golden Syrup feature so heavily in British baking, especially at times of celebration such as Easter & Christmas, that a brief definition may well be in order before I go any further. Treacle is any syrup made during … Continue reading

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More English Toasts

The soft, white Bap is really an import from France where the traditions of bread-making are probably even more diverse than those of England. But cut and toasted they make an excellent addition to our afternoon tea ‘toasts’ along with … Continue reading

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