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Mr Terry Of York

On the 30th of September 2005  Terry’s of York was closed by it’s new owners Kraft. Although production of Terry’s products was to continue at other factories and plants across Europe, it was the end of an era. Joseph Terry, … Continue reading

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Getting Out Of A Jam . . .

. . . What You Put In! Once again the fruits of the summer are swiftly forming and ripening in the gardens and hedgerows. My first crop is likely to be gooseberries, no surprise there, which though of minimal appeal … Continue reading

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Summers Bounty

The preserving of fruits has long been an interest of the British cook. There is nothing quite so satisfying as seeing rows of brightly coloured jars in a store cupboard just waiting to bring a little delayed summer into the … Continue reading

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Mysterious Pudding

Excuse my indulgence on this one but the handwriting is just so handsome that I had to show it off. To the best of my knowledge it is written by my great-grandmother, granny Robertsons mother. Sadly I never knew her … Continue reading

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The Origin Of Plum Pudding . . .

According to tradition, November 25th is the day when the family gathers around the kitchen table to start making the season’s Christmas pudding. In years gone by, Stir Up Sunday – the last Sunday before Advent – would have seen excited … Continue reading

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Wild Duck & Rampant Lions

The Lion Rampant flag is called the Royal Flag of Scotland, having been used by the Kings of Scotland. The first to have done so was Alexander II (1214-1249). Much older than the St Andrew’s flag it should now only be … Continue reading

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Saving the Summer

Little Drops of Sunshine The preserving of fruit in sugar started in the Middle East several thousand years ago. It began with earthenware or fired clay pots that were then sealed tight with bees wax. This was by no means … Continue reading

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