Treacle & Suet

The use of suet and treacle together have long been a tradition in British cookery. Modern trends towards lighter, more healthy puddings using the lighter sponge recipes didn’t really come into the popular psyche until after the second world war.

It can be traced back to earlier times when both sugar and butter were relatively expensive commodities.

All three of these recipes are in my grandmothers handwriting and appear to originate from somewhere around the thirties by virtue of the accompanying printed texts and advertisments.

The handwriting is very ‘old school’ and they have obviously been written with a fountain pen, something that seems to have gone out of fashion in recent years. As such I don’t believe they require any further comment from me.

Honey is a nore than acceptable substitute in any of these recipes.

I have covered both  treacle and honey in more detail elsewhere here. A click on the above links will take you to them.

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