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M. Parmentier & The Potato

Potato Pete! An iconic potato shaped character from the war years whose sole purpose was to encourage the planting and harvesting of potatoes in an effort to make the country more self-sufficient during the second world war. But, iconic though … Continue reading

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Beyond Sarajevo – The Home Front

Following the outbreak of war in 1914, Germany instituted a campaign of unrestricted submarine warfare with the intention of exposing France, Italy, Britain and all other  countries heavily reliant on food imports, to a long term food crisis. These countries viewed … Continue reading

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Sarajevo And All That

Despite having written a great deal of articles on the second world war I find I have done very little on the first world war (or The War To End All Wars) The recipes I have found that represent the … Continue reading

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Feeding The Family On £3/10/-

The second world war saw the end of a lot of things, some great, some less great. While more and more women  were becoming employable in the world of work, many of the older ‘positions’ such as house staff in … Continue reading

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Victory in Europe

This past weekend has seen the country-wide celebration of the 70th anniversary of the end of the second world war in Europe. Six years and one day of privation and danger turned into a national street party. Although rationing was … Continue reading

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Leaving Spitbank

Spitbank Fort, somewhere in the Solent between Portsmouth and the Isle Of Wight. Originally built, along with its sisters No-Mans Fort and Horse Sand Fort, by Lord Palmerston in the middle of the 19th century, their primary purpose was to … Continue reading

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A Taste Of Empire – Malta

In 1814, as part of the Treaty of Paris, Malta officially became a part of the British Empire and was used as a shipping way‑station and fleet headquarters. After the Suez Canal opened in 1869, Malta’s position halfway between the … Continue reading

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