A Poetic Interlude

Burns 01Granny Robertsons Cookbook consists of more than just recipes and cookery tips. It also has little gems like this tucked away in it. The illustrations are excellent though I have no idea of the identity of the artist.

All the book tells me is that it was published in Glasgow by one Wm. Lyon of 474 Sauchiehall Street somewhere around the turn of the century.

Burns 03Since I can find neither the publisher nor a name for the artist there is no way for me to follow up on copyright issues so I shall reproduce it here in its entirety.

Burns 04It is written very much in the style and language of the author and so I have also provided the glossary here

Burns 05Burns 06Burns 07Burns 08Burns 09Burns 10Burns 11Burns 12Burns 13Burns 14I have read in certain volumes on the author that this is considered to be one of his finer pieces.

The wording of the introduction, written by the authors own brother Gilbert, gives a small insight into the motivations of the author himself.

In Scotland, Robert Burns is a national hero and is celebrated as such on the 25th January every year with Burns Night. This link will take you to a previous post of mine that give more information and recipes for a Burns Night Supper.

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