The Novelty Cake

Following on from the Maypole cakeNovelty Musical Cake we come to that most magical treat, a childs birthday cake.

Whether fruit cake or sponge, home-made or shop bought even the most modest cake can, with a modicum of imagination, be transformed into a thing of magic.

Novelty Musical CakeThe first is a simple gateau that uses where possible some of the childs own toys.

Birthday Book

The second  is a bit more formal and possibly a tad out-moded but with a little imagination it could be converted into a nifty little lap-top!

Birthday Book CakeFinally in this Humpty Dumpty Cakeselection from the ‘Womans Own’ cake book there is one for the little ones. Humpty Dumpty may be somewhat ‘old school’ and toy soldiers somewhat out-dated Humpty Dumpty Cakebut there’s no reason why Humpty couldn’t  preside over figures from a current TV programme or a favourite movie.

Click here for a bit more background information on Celebration Cakes




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