Another Word From Our Sponsors . . .

Earn-A-Quick-Buck Publications Needs YOU!

How about a quick slap of Roche’s Embrocation for all those irritating little aches and pains?

For that nasty cough?

Only one teensie-weensie little critique : if it hasn’t worked in 130 years is it ever going to?

So if the additive route to health doesn’t cut the mustard, go for the cleansing! Mens san, corpera sana and all that!

Ask Mother!

With her chic new outfit, stunning new hat and wonderfully soaped skin, only mummy will be able to offer the best advice on good health and the better constitution!

In the spirit of regeneration and recycling, these new outfits can be created from those odd remnants of material cluttering the  cupboards or from two out-dated outfits!

Fashion on the rebound!

And if the line of the new outfit should be marred by unnecessary body hair then ‘Anticapilla’ is the product for you! Forget messy shaving or painful scraping, this wonder-product will aid even the most hirsute amongst you!

And finally, should that marvellous new hat begin to droop before its time, Mrs Leach has the answer! At 6d a bottle from all good newsagents it has to be a positive bargain!

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