New Zealand Lamb

New Zealand Lamb

Following on from my earlier post on roast lamb joints, here are some follow up recipes using proper ‘butchers cuts’

The increase in imports of food, due in part to the development of freezing technology and the ever improving supply routes, during the sixties and seventies meant that the seasons were beginning to melt into one another. What was out of season here could be sourced from the other side of the world within twenty four hours! (for a price of course)

But the world was changing, it still is, faster than ever. I did wonder when I began this blog whether the simple style of cooking and presentation that the archive espouses would be of interest to anybody but me.

So much is now available at the simple click of a mouse that my Grandmother would be turning in her grave. She would no more have considered having had a ‘computer’ in her house than she would a fridge or freezer.

These pages will conclude the recipes from the sixties ‘Womans Own’ magazine supplement.

The ultimate cultural cross-over has to be the stew (or hot-pot, or casserole, or eintopf)

A respectable and in some respects better dish than the simple roast, a good stew will please many a jaded palette.

Fresh meat, fesh vegetables and minimal ‘messing about’, it’s simplicity goes back to the one fire, one pot mentality of earlier centuries.

Just as a footnote there are some fairly interesting ideas for using up leftovers and cold cuts that are well worthy of inclusion here.

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