Traditional Shortbread

Petticoat Tails

A very traditional Scottish speciality. The main flavour, apart from the caraway if used, comes from the butter and the better quality the butter, the better the shortbread. Margerine or Butter substitutes will work but the taste will suffer.

12 oz Sifted Flour,

6 oz Butter,

3 tbs Caster Sugar,

½ gill Milk,

2 tsp Caraway Seed, (Optional)

Melt the butter in the milk and pour into a well in the flour. Add the sugar, mix well and knead a little. Roll out to ¼” and cut a large circle, then remove a small circle from the middle.

Part cut the ring into eight and prick well with a fork. Bake at 350F for 20 minutes then cool and dust with caster sugar.

Serve cut into six “Petticoats” with the small circle in the middle


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