Phillip Harben – The First TV Cook!

Pan Bread

A hero of mine if such a wondrous being can ever be said to exist!         One of the first, along with the indefatigable Marguerite Patten, of the TV cooks, he was a man of substance in an ever changing environment.     He began life as a ‘radio cook’, a concept I still find hard to grasp but the man was good. Pedantic and knowledgeable he insisted on his recipes being used ‘to the letter’

Unlike todays ‘celebrity chefs’ the books he wrote, he wrote, not some ‘geeza wot wer betta wiv words an fings’ (I could give examples, but libel is still a criminal offense in this country!) Then again, I find the total twats on TV today trying to teach me how to cook to be somewhat offensive, so where’s the harm? Such is life!

He went on to fame and fortune, working in London restaurants, before eventually establishing his own cookware company. A professional in a time when experience counted for something.

The only downside I could find was that he was a Freemason, of the Savage Club Lodge, in London. I worked for a time for masons. Still, shit happens at the best of times!

Heading into Easter, the next week will be foods for the break of Lent! Sugar and fruit, fish and cream! Good, traditional dishes.

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