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Marguerite Patten – The Queen Of Rationing

Hilda Elsie Marguerite Patten, CBE (born 4 November 1915, 4 June 2015, aged 99) née Brown, was an English food writer, teacher, economist and, along with Phillip Harben one of the first radio and TV cooks. Born in Bath, Somerset she … Continue reading

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Variations On The Potato

Potatoes have been a major part of the European diet since their introduction by Spanish Conquistadors from South America in the 17th Century. Ireland took to the tuber more readily at this time and due to an extended period of … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Craig – The Cooks Writer

The majority of the clips and articles found within the archive are either anonymous or attributed to ‘A Housewife’ or ‘A Cook’: the generic name for the staff writer assigned to cookery matters. But from the mid twenties onward, names … Continue reading

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Going Bananas!

(Oh, yes), we have no bananas, We have no bananas today. We’ve got string beans, and onions, And big juicy lemons, And all kinds of fruit, and say, We’ve got an old fashioned tomato. A Long Island potato, (Oh, yes), … Continue reading

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Regional England : The Three W’s

Westmoreland, Wiltshire & Worcestershire, You may note that I have left out the directional Counties, e.g. West Sussex, West Yorkshire &tc. The reason for this is quite simple! I don’t like to work too hard! The regional taste and feel … Continue reading

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Summers Bounty

The preserving of fruits has long been an interest of the British cook. There is nothing quite so satisfying as seeing rows of brightly coloured jars in a store cupboard just waiting to bring a little delayed summer into the … Continue reading

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The Evolution Of Margarine . . .

A Stork in the Kitchen! Product development brought about through adversity may seem a contradiction in terms, but the simple need for a safer and more reliable means of feeding the front-line troops led to a rapid development of the … Continue reading

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