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Soups Of Scotland

Scotland, a country of many facets, harsh winters, mild summers, good hunting, better fishing and centuries of crofting tradition has contributed much to the British diet. Following the over-indulgences of the past two weeks I reproduce here a couple of … Continue reading

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The Zenana Missionary Society

Zenana (Persian: زنانه, Urdu: زنانہ), refers to that part of a house belonging to a Muslim family in the Middle East and/or South Asia that is reserved for women. How and why do I get myself involved with these things? Being an … Continue reading

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Around The World

Summat Forrin’ Being an island, Britain was very insular when it came to the so called ‘Foreign Muck’ Even though the foods and food styles of France and Germany had been the subject of centuries of recipe sharing, as the … Continue reading

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Chutney or Chatni

To East or West! Chutneys have their origins in the East. Chutney types and their preparations vary widely across Pakistan and India. As early as the 17th century, chutneys began being shipped to European countries, such as England and France, as … Continue reading

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Those Other Fish That Aren’t Cod . . .

Something Fishy for Friday Between the wars, as more fish were being gathered into the food chain through advances in large-scale trawling, more varied and cheaper fish began to appear in the fishmongers. Despite this, it was still seen as a … Continue reading

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Rationing Made Tasty!

The Rise of the Humble Vegetable. The constraints of war-time rationing are difficult to comprehend in this day and age where food of all types are freely available, in some of the major stores for twenty-four hours a day! It was … Continue reading

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Garden Diary, May 16th

The garden is flourishing with the fine weather we have had these past few weeks. The early potatoes a pushing through strongly (below) If this warm weather keeps up and with judicious watering I should be digging new potatoes in about eight weeks … Continue reading

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