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The Burns Night Alternative

In Burns day haggis was not an every day meal. Rather it was a luxury food revered by those sufficiently affluent to be able to afford it. It is more than possible that Burns’ ‘Address To A Haggis’ was ironic … Continue reading

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Regional England : Herefordshire

Herefordshire is a historic and ceremonial county in the West Midlands. It borders Shropshire to the north, Worcestershire to the east, Gloucestershire to the south-east, and Wales to the south-west. The cathedral city of Hereford is also the county town. … Continue reading

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A Traditional Christmas Dinner!

The traditional British Christmas Dinner is usually served in the afternoon, around three o’clock (it is in my home anyway) and is a free for all feast for family and invited friends. Since I myself am working away this year, … Continue reading

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Pfeffernüsse Pastries

Pfeffernüsse are fluffy pastries made with ground nuts and spices, somewhat akin to maccaroons. Like the spekulatius, the biscuit has been part of European yuletide celebrations since the mid nineteenth century. Popular in Germany, Denmark, and The Netherlands as a … Continue reading

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The Venison Game

Venison was once the rich man’s prerogative : the food of Kings. Indeed, many of the great houses of England, Scotland and Wales, and to be honest those of northern continental Europe as well, began life as hunting lodges of the … Continue reading

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Kate & Sidney Pie

Steak and kidney pie is not just a meat pie, it is a British Institution like fish ‘n’ chips or roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding! Traditionally the pie filling is a mixture of diced beef, diced kidney (often of ox, … Continue reading

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Mr Terry Of York

On the 30th of September 2005  Terry’s of York was closed by it’s new owners Kraft. Although production of Terry’s products was to continue at other factories and plants across Europe, it was the end of an era. Joseph Terry, … Continue reading

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The Novelty Cake

Following on from the Maypole cake we come to that most magical treat, a childs birthday cake. Whether fruit cake or sponge, home-made or shop bought even the most modest cake can, with a modicum of imagination, be transformed into … Continue reading

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Round And Round The May Pole

The May Pole is a tall wooden pole long associated with May Day, or Pentecost (Whitsun) In some cases it is a permanent feature that is only utilised during the festival or is erected specifically for the purpose. Dancing the … Continue reading

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Cookery Post Bag

Once again we have a Lillian Mattingly article, this time for a recipe request service. Back in the dim and distant thirties there was no internet to log onto for a recipe or advice and although it was always possible … Continue reading

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