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The Rock Of Edinburgh . . .

Edinburgh Rock Scotland, Wales, Ireland and France, the Celtic countries, share a number culinary similarities. Edinburgh Rock is a form of pulled sugar very similar to the French pastillage. It is sold in tartan presentation boxes in souvenir shops the length of the … Continue reading

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Petit Fours And Sweetmeats

A selection of fancies taken from a magazine supplement of around the mid-fifties when sugar rationing had finally come to an end and a sweet tooth could be indulged. For a time after the war, home-made sweets became very popular … Continue reading

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Easter Breads And Braids

Fruit Braid & Easter Ring  This is possibly one of my favorite sweet-dough recipes. There are others but having used this on a number of occasions and always getting a good result I shall include it here. These recipes come … Continue reading

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The Evolution Of Bread . . .

Bread is probably the most recognisable food-stuff known to man. It is one of the oldest prepared foods in so many countries around the globe. It is a staple food in Europe, European-derived cultures such as the Americas, the Middle East … Continue reading

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The Celebration Cake

Cake Decorating The pleasure a finely decorated cake can add to a party gathering is immeasurable. The foundations of cake decorating hark back to the golden age of decorated tables of the 17th century, when all food was presented ‘in its best … Continue reading

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Afternoon Tea

Some further recipes from the cookbook, this time showing a ‘Woman’ magazine supplement dated September 1959. They cover the more diverse types of cake that would be produced ‘at home’. The cake tin, like the bread bin, was an integral … Continue reading

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Apricot Upside-down Cake

An old favourite drawn from the archives. This one is from the early 1960’s though the tradition of baked fruit & sponge goes back to the mid nineteenth century. Naturally the recipe states fresh apricots because they would hold a better ‘shape’ … Continue reading

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