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M. Parmentier & The Potato

Potato Pete! An iconic potato shaped character from the war years whose sole purpose was to encourage the planting and harvesting of potatoes in an effort to make the country more self-sufficient during the second world war. But, iconic though … Continue reading

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The Russian Experience

Russian cuisine is as diverse and eclectic as the country itself. The largest country in the world, Russia has a vast, multi-cultural population and the roots of its cuisine are firmly embedded in the traditional peasant foods of the rural … Continue reading

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Kitchen Front Soups

To continue the theme of soups as a simple but wholesome meal when times are hard I add here a couple from the ‘Kitchen Front’ Produced by the ‘Ministry of Food’ and backed up by advertising campaigns, the aim of … Continue reading

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Getting ‘Souped’ Up!

In the decade following the war, more and more produce was being shipped around the world. The experiences of having to provision armies in far flung places, though not a new concept, had speeded up the development of ‘ready-to-eat’ foods. … Continue reading

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