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The Burns Night Alternative

In Burns day haggis was not an every day meal. Rather it was a luxury food revered by those sufficiently affluent to be able to afford it. It is more than possible that Burns’ ‘Address To A Haggis’ was ironic … Continue reading

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Burns, Farmer & Poet!

With Burn’s Night once more upon us I should like to add some recipes from the archive that are not just Haggis, Neeps and Tatties. Recorded in the fifties, these recipes represent a large element of tradition including the standard … Continue reading

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A Staffordshire Christmas

Along with my Mother, Brenda and her dog Alice, I spent Christmas in the North of England, in the county of Staffordshire. We were in Dilhorne, an ancient village close to Cheadle and Uttoxeter.       The weather was … Continue reading

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Another Taste Of Scotland!

In the course of writing up the National stuff I have probably spent more time on the cuisine of Scotland than that of England, N. Ireland and Wales put together! But then, why not? Kathleen Mackay Robertson was a native … Continue reading

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The Pie Of Scotland

It has been said that in Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, on any given Saturday night you are never more than six feet from a Scotch pie! But be that as it may! The Scotch Pie was an Industrial Revolution pie, intended … Continue reading

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The Great Norse Cod!

For almost 200 years, from the end of the eighth century until the reign of Alfred the Great, Danish and Norwegian pirates harassed and looted the British coast, (though mainly the Scottish bit,) at will! And towards the end of … Continue reading

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Aberdeen – The Final Chapter

And so we come to the final pen and ink drawings from Jessie M. King’s little book. I’ve added a few more ‘little known facts about Aberdeen’ to accompany the images. Slains Castle, an eerie ruin on the cliff tops … Continue reading

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