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The Zenana Missionary Society

Zenana (Persian: زنانه, Urdu: زنانہ), refers to that part of a house belonging to a Muslim family in the Middle East and/or South Asia that is reserved for women. How and why do I get myself involved with these things? Being an … Continue reading

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Those Other Fish That Aren’t Cod . . .

Something Fishy for Friday Between the wars, as more fish were being gathered into the food chain through advances in large-scale trawling, more varied and cheaper fish began to appear in the fishmongers. Despite this, it was still seen as a … Continue reading

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The Kitchen Front. Following the declaration of war in 1939, the dreaded Ministry of Food was revived within days. Almost at once rationing was re-introduced. At this time nearly 60% of all food consumed in Britain was imported and became, … Continue reading

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Garden Diary, 25th April

  With the hot, dry weather of the past week a lot of things in the are beginning to be lulled into a false sense of security that summer has arrived. Even the camera objected to the very bright sunlight … Continue reading

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Garden Diary, 17th April

Time is moving on and the garden is starting to look a lot more colourful and alive. Today has involved getting the lawns cut and the edging tidied. I have also got the full fruit netting up. There is already blossom on … Continue reading

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The Hot-Pot In Waiting

 The document for these recipes is somewhat old now, around 1935, and has not aged very well. I have included it anyway but  have also transcribed the text to make it easier to read. The Great British Hot-Pot There are many … Continue reading

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Rabbit & Ham Pie

Bearing in mind that this is National Pie Week, here is a recipe for rabbit pie from the 1930’s. The eating of rabbit would have been far more common then and the ongoing improvement in the regulation of oven temperatures … Continue reading

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The Kitchen Garden

As a sideline to the main focus of this blog, namely Granny Robertson’s Cookbook, I have in the past four years been growing my own fruit, vegetables and herbs. Therefore a diary of my means, methods, successes and failures would not be … Continue reading

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