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The Kitchen Front. Following the declaration of war in 1939, the dreaded Ministry of Food was revived within days. Almost at once rationing was re-introduced. At this time nearly 60% of all food consumed in Britain was imported and became, … Continue reading

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Fish : Variation on a Theme

Uncommonly good Cod Even alongside Haddock and Herring, Cod is probably the best known and most widely used fish in Britain today. When fish and chips is spoken of the ‘fish’ is expected to be Cod! But with long periods of over-fishing and … Continue reading

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Spring Lamb For Easter!

What better than a succulent joint of roast lamb to celebrate the Easter week-end! These hints and tips for doing just that come from an early sixties promotional pamphlet supplied with Womans Weekly magazine Following the transition from hunting and … Continue reading

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Begged, Borrowed or Lent?

Easter : The Church, the Egg and the Bunny The end of Lent is crowned with the exuberant and life-affirming feast that is Easter! According to Bede, the monastic historian, the English word Easter derives from the Anglo-Saxon name for the month … Continue reading

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