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Feast Your Eyes . . . On Mince Pies

Mincemeat, that quintessentially English pie filling consisting of chopped, spiced fruits flavoured with sherry, brandy and to be honest any other booze you may have lying around! Widely popular in the UK, it is traditionally served as pies around Christmas … Continue reading

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The Culture Of Milk

  The importance of milk in human culture is attested to by the numerous expressions embedded in our languages, for example “the milk of human kindness”. In ancient Greek mythology, the goddess Hera spilled her breast milk after refusing to … Continue reading

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Our Daily Bread

The Religion of Bread The ability to sow and reap cereals is one of the chief abilities that allowed man to dwell in communities. The discovery of wheat as a self-replicating crop that could be harvested on a regular basis … Continue reading

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