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Welsh Rarebit

Cheese on Toast There are many examples of cheese on toast throughout the world, some good, some bad, some wonderful. I have had a love affair with cheese on toast for as long as I can remember. From the deliciously simple … Continue reading

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Traditional European Specialities

Spain These two recipes are from my own files. On leaving college I went traveling and as a result I had the opportunity to gather together the best of the local foods. These are two classic Spanish dishes that have had many mimics and … Continue reading

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A Full Stomach!

“Some hae meat and cannae eat, And some would eat that want it; But we hae meat, and we can eat, Sae let the Lord be thankit!” Robert Burns (farmer, poet and philosopher 1759 –1796) The Haggis Ingredients 1 Cleaned … Continue reading

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Those Other Fish That Aren’t Cod . . .

Something Fishy for Friday Between the wars, as more fish were being gathered into the food chain through advances in large-scale trawling, more varied and cheaper fish began to appear in the fishmongers. Despite this, it was still seen as a … Continue reading

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Rationing Made Tasty!

The Rise of the Humble Vegetable. The constraints of war-time rationing are difficult to comprehend in this day and age where food of all types are freely available, in some of the major stores for twenty-four hours a day! It was … Continue reading

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More Rationing

The Ministry of Food Unlike World War I, within days of the Second World War being declared the Ministry of Food was dusted off and let loose once more. Many unobtainable or limited ingredients simply went by the board. Government … Continue reading

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The Kitchen Front. Following the declaration of war in 1939, the dreaded Ministry of Food was revived within days. Almost at once rationing was re-introduced. At this time nearly 60% of all food consumed in Britain was imported and became, … Continue reading

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Garden Diary, 25th April

  With the hot, dry weather of the past week a lot of things in the are beginning to be lulled into a false sense of security that summer has arrived. Even the camera objected to the very bright sunlight … Continue reading

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The Hot-Pot In Waiting

 The document for these recipes is somewhat old now, around 1935, and has not aged very well. I have included it anyway but  have also transcribed the text to make it easier to read. The Great British Hot-Pot There are many … Continue reading

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A Taste Of Wales

Wales is one of the four Kingdoms (the others being England, Scotland and Ireland) that unified to become the United Kingdom of Great Britain. A country in it’s own right for many centuries it still retains it’s own culture and … Continue reading

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