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Getting Out Of A Jam . . .

. . . What You Put In! Once again the fruits of the summer are swiftly forming and ripening in the gardens and hedgerows. My first crop is likely to be gooseberries, no surprise there, which though of minimal appeal … Continue reading

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Around The World

Summat Forrin’ Being an island, Britain was very insular when it came to the so called ‘Foreign Muck’ Even though the foods and food styles of France and Germany had been the subject of centuries of recipe sharing, as the … Continue reading

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Our Mate, Marmite

Mmmmarmite! Part 2 of 2 The health benefits of Marmite were used extensively to promote it as a product suitable for children, the elderly and the infirm in the manner of beef tea. More recently, a number of snacks flavoured … Continue reading

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The Kitchen Front. Following the declaration of war in 1939, the dreaded Ministry of Food was revived within days. Almost at once rationing was re-introduced. At this time nearly 60% of all food consumed in Britain was imported and became, … Continue reading

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The Politics of Bread . . .

Bread And The Masses In Egypt, around 1000 BC, inquiring minds isolated yeast and were able to introduce the culture directly to their breads. A new strain of wheat was also developed that allowed for refined white bread. It is … Continue reading

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The Evolution Of Bread . . .

Bread is probably the most recognisable food-stuff known to man. It is one of the oldest prepared foods in so many countries around the globe. It is a staple food in Europe, European-derived cultures such as the Americas, the Middle East … Continue reading

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Afternoon Tea

Some further recipes from the cookbook, this time showing a ‘Woman’ magazine supplement dated September 1959. They cover the more diverse types of cake that would be produced ‘at home’. The cake tin, like the bread bin, was an integral … Continue reading

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This blog is designed to bring to the fore the concept of a return to a diet of simple, understated food. The past century saw such enormous strides in the provision and preparation of food that a lot of the old … Continue reading

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