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The Evolution Of Treacle . . .

Treacle and Golden Syrup feature so heavily in British baking, especially at times of celebration such as Easter & Christmas, that a brief definition may well be in order before I go any further. Treacle is any syrup made during … Continue reading

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More English Toasts

The soft, white Bap is really an import from France where the traditions of bread-making are probably even more diverse than those of England. But cut and toasted they make an excellent addition to our afternoon tea ‘toasts’ along with … Continue reading

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The Danish Pastry

‘Golatschen’ The Danish pastry, like the croissant, is classed as a rich, sweet pastry. It is, in its simplest definition, a pastry dough leavened with yeast, that is treated as for puff pastry. It is said to originate from Vienna … Continue reading

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St Georges Day

Cry ‘God for Harry, England, and Saint George!’ Henry V, Act Three, Scene One Saint George’s Day is, as a rule, celebrated on April 23. However in 2011, and not many people know this, this day falls on Holy Saturday … Continue reading

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Easter Breads And Braids

Fruit Braid & Easter Ring  This is possibly one of my favorite sweet-dough recipes. There are others but having used this on a number of occasions and always getting a good result I shall include it here. These recipes come … Continue reading

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Tea And Biscuits

The Biscuit The recipes and images given here are from a ‘Homes and Gardens’ magazine supplement from the mid-fifties. I’m afraid it’s a little tatty in places, but then so am I and it is a few years older than … Continue reading

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Five O’Clock Tea

That great British tradition, the afternoon tea! A basic menu would include sandwiches, cakes, buns, biscuits, scones, pastries and perhaps a chilled speciality like a soufflé or a magnificent jelly. In the Victorian kitchen the cook would be expected to … Continue reading

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