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Chutney or Chatni

To East or West! Chutneys have their origins in the East. Chutney types and their preparations vary widely across Pakistan and India. As early as the 17th century, chutneys began being shipped to European countries, such as England and France, as … Continue reading

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The Rock Of Edinburgh . . .

Edinburgh Rock Scotland, Wales, Ireland and France, the Celtic countries, share a number culinary similarities. Edinburgh Rock is a form of pulled sugar very similar to the French pastillage. It is sold in tartan presentation boxes in souvenir shops the length of the … Continue reading

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Coronation Chicken

Devised in 1953 for the coronation of the current Queen Elizabeth, by the florist Constance Spry and talented cook Rosemary Hume, Coronation Chicken has been standard fare in British pubs and café’s ever since. Thought to have been based on … Continue reading

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Tea And Biscuits

The Biscuit The recipes and images given here are from a ‘Homes and Gardens’ magazine supplement from the mid-fifties. I’m afraid it’s a little tatty in places, but then so am I and it is a few years older than … Continue reading

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Cloutie Dumpling

A Taste Of Scotland The Cloutie dumpling is a traditional rich fruit pudding. Boiled in a clean, floured cloth it is usually made for high days and holidays. It is also the pre-cursor of both the birthday cake and Christmas cake. … Continue reading

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Fruity Or Spiced?

Here we have two quite different recipes. One a fairly standard sultana cake that is best presented in a loaf form. Lighter and more subtle than yesterdays’ fruit cake it is extremely good as a snack for unexpected visitors. Both recipes are vintage … Continue reading

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Traditional Gingerbread

Best made in a loaf tin or ring mould. Using treacle (or molasses) will give a darker cake with a richer flavour. The amount of ginger can be altered to taste and the syrup for the final glazing can be … Continue reading

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