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A Taste Of Easter

Easter is a time of celebration that dates back to pre-christian times. It is a celebration of the end of Winter and the onset of Spring. Of the promise of new growth, new beginnings! It is a time of rich … Continue reading

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Christmas Candies

The making of sweetmeats for special occasions is an old tradition dating back centuries. As with the gingerbread men and meringue decorations they were simple yet highly coloured. These simple to prepare candies can even be delegated to the children … Continue reading

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The Evolution Of Treacle . . .

Treacle and Golden Syrup feature so heavily in British baking, especially at times of celebration such as Easter & Christmas, that a brief definition may well be in order before I go any further. Treacle is any syrup made during … Continue reading

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The Evolution of the Celebration Cake

Cake, Glorious Cake! Part 1 of 2 Anniversary Cakes date back to time immemorial. The ancient Egyptians were the first to show evidence of advanced baking skills, while the ancient Greeks made round or moon shaped honey cakes or bread … Continue reading

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Spring Lamb For Easter!

What better than a succulent joint of roast lamb to celebrate the Easter week-end! These hints and tips for doing just that come from an early sixties promotional pamphlet supplied with Womans Weekly magazine Following the transition from hunting and … Continue reading

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Begged, Borrowed or Lent?

Easter : The Church, the Egg and the Bunny The end of Lent is crowned with the exuberant and life-affirming feast that is Easter! According to Bede, the monastic historian, the English word Easter derives from the Anglo-Saxon name for the month … Continue reading

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The Hot Cross Bun

A fruit (or speckled) bun, adopted by the Christian church for Easter as a celebration of the death and re-birth of Jesus (hence the Cross) This recipe comes from an article of around the early fifties. It’s a good recipe, … Continue reading

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