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The Dessert Fort

Continuing what seems to be becoming a rather obsessive blogging of chocolate related items I thought that this might be of some interest. As the antique advert to the right here suggests, Cadbury’s chocolate is, or rather was, a British … Continue reading

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Variations On A (Chocolate) Sponge!

The sponge cake, once the mainstay of the British kitchen, has diminished somewhat in the last few years what with the decline in schools ‘Home Economics’ style schooling where the basics were drummed into many an unwilling pupil. Although celebration … Continue reading

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Cooking With Chocolate

There are a number of interesting books in the archive on cooking with chocolate and the article here comes from  the Cadbury’s Chocolate Cookbook published in the mid Seventies. At the time, the author Patricia Dunbar was head of Cadbury … Continue reading

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The Perfect Sponge

The following pages come from one of the first cookery books I ever owned. It was produced by the publishers of Woman’s Own magazine at a time when the womens magazine business was booming. A lot of the pamphlets from … Continue reading

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A Better Beverage

Beverage . . . is a Middle English word derived from the Old French bevrage or beivre, meaning to drink, or from the Latin bibere to describe a liquid for drinking that is not water. The most popular beverages currently … Continue reading

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Petit Fours And Sweetmeats

A selection of fancies taken from a magazine supplement of around the mid-fifties when sugar rationing had finally come to an end and a sweet tooth could be indulged. For a time after the war, home-made sweets became very popular … Continue reading

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Afternoon Tea

Some further recipes from the cookbook, this time showing a ‘Woman’ magazine supplement dated September 1959. They cover the more diverse types of cake that would be produced ‘at home’. The cake tin, like the bread bin, was an integral … Continue reading

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