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Rationing Made Tasty!

The Rise of the Humble Vegetable. The constraints of war-time rationing are difficult to comprehend in this day and age where food of all types are freely available, in some of the major stores for twenty-four hours a day! It was … Continue reading

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Coronation Chicken

Devised in 1953 for the coronation of the current Queen Elizabeth, by the florist Constance Spry and talented cook Rosemary Hume, Coronation Chicken has been standard fare in British pubs and café’s ever since. Thought to have been based on … Continue reading

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Begged, Borrowed or Lent?

Easter : The Church, the Egg and the Bunny The end of Lent is crowned with the exuberant and life-affirming feast that is Easter! According to Bede, the monastic historian, the English word Easter derives from the Anglo-Saxon name for the month … Continue reading

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Garden Diary, 17th April

Time is moving on and the garden is starting to look a lot more colourful and alive. Today has involved getting the lawns cut and the edging tidied. I have also got the full fruit netting up. There is already blossom on … Continue reading

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The Hot-Pot In Waiting

 The document for these recipes is somewhat old now, around 1935, and has not aged very well. I have included it anyway but  have also transcribed the text to make it easier to read. The Great British Hot-Pot There are many … Continue reading

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Rabbit & Ham Pie

Bearing in mind that this is National Pie Week, here is a recipe for rabbit pie from the 1930’s. The eating of rabbit would have been far more common then and the ongoing improvement in the regulation of oven temperatures … Continue reading

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