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More On Milk . . .

With the post second world war emphasis on rebuilding the economy of the country, all things natural and home produced were promoted heavily. From beef to lamb, chicken to eggs, all were re-invented, re-packaged and sold through the medium of the … Continue reading

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Around The World

Summat Forrin’ Being an island, Britain was very insular when it came to the so called ‘Foreign Muck’ Even though the foods and food styles of France and Germany had been the subject of centuries of recipe sharing, as the … Continue reading

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Wot The ‘Eccles!

Eccles Cakes were first producedway back in the mists of time, well over three centuries ago anyway. Though called a cake they are, in fact, more of a pastry along the lines of a madeleine. The origin of these cute little pastries … Continue reading

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Butter Sculpture

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! In Classic Cusine, the dressing of a buffet table was an art. Any ‘Woman of Substance’ would know that the state of her table emphasised her (or rather her husbands) rank and status. Merely … Continue reading

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Regional Toasting Breads

The link between the first three of these recipes is the use of animal fats as opposed to margerine or butter. As a rule this produces a lighter end product. Huffkins are native to Kent, a county in the south-west … Continue reading

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More English Toasts

The soft, white Bap is really an import from France where the traditions of bread-making are probably even more diverse than those of England. But cut and toasted they make an excellent addition to our afternoon tea ‘toasts’ along with … Continue reading

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The Danish Pastry

‘Golatschen’ The Danish pastry, like the croissant, is classed as a rich, sweet pastry. It is, in its simplest definition, a pastry dough leavened with yeast, that is treated as for puff pastry. It is said to originate from Vienna … Continue reading

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Another Toast!

A Toast Of England The ‘Sally Lunn’ is not really a cake at all. It is best described as a large, plain white bap said to have originated in the City of Bath, a stately old town in the South-West of … Continue reading

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A Toast Of Britain : Crumpets The art of toasting developed alongside the concept of the afternoon tea. There is a rich tradition of baking throughout regional Britain and many of the recipes are best eaten toasted and drenched with melted butter. … Continue reading

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You Say Scones, I Say Scones

Scone as in gone or scone as in cone The original scone was round and flat, usually the size of a medium size plate. It was made with unleavened oats and baked on a griddle (or girdle), then cut into … Continue reading

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