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The Dessert Fort

Continuing what seems to be becoming a rather obsessive blogging of chocolate related items I thought that this might be of some interest. As the antique advert to the right here suggests, Cadbury’s chocolate is, or rather was, a British … Continue reading

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Variations On A (Chocolate) Sponge!

The sponge cake, once the mainstay of the British kitchen, has diminished somewhat in the last few years what with the decline in schools ‘Home Economics’ style schooling where the basics were drummed into many an unwilling pupil. Although celebration … Continue reading

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Cooking With Chocolate

There are a number of interesting books in the archive on cooking with chocolate and the article here comes from  the Cadbury’s Chocolate Cookbook published in the mid Seventies. At the time, the author Patricia Dunbar was head of Cadbury … Continue reading

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Cooking For One

Returning once more to the archive, this is an article from April 1939 that shows how far emancipation had come since the turn of the century. The single, or bachelor, girl was no longer reliant on finding a husband in order … Continue reading

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Another Word in Passing . . .

Our Sponsors recommend . . . A further selection of advertisements from times past, beginning with a cigarette for non-addicts . . .  . . . and  good, healthy pint of Guinness . . .  . . . with a nutritious chocolate biscuit . … Continue reading

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Death By Chocolate!

A varied selection of traditional chocolate cakes, puddings and treats. These are from a Womans Own supplement from the mid-fifties. Cocoa powder, Bournville being a primary supplier, was a main staple in the larder and many uses were devised to feed … Continue reading

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Oat Flapjacks

An old favourite with all generations. There are many examples on the convenience store shelf either for breakfast, a mid-morning snack at the office, a personal pleasure with a cup of coffee on a ‘me’ break! As an extra luxury … Continue reading

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Mr. Cadbury Of Bournville

Chocolate is a raw or processed food produced from the seed of the tropical Theobroma Cacao tree. Cacao has been cultivated for at least three millennia in Mexico, Central and South America, with its earliest documented use around 1100 BC. … Continue reading

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