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The Kitchen At War

Here is just a small selection of the WWII food related propaganda that I have recently discovered in the archive. All such posters would have been approved by the Ministry of Food who also issued the Kitchen Front recipe books … Continue reading

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A Winters Tale

To end the year I thought it would be nice to present a ghostly tale of my own. Not something I would normally put here but it is based in wartime Portsmouth and is therefore in keeping with the archive. … Continue reading

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Regional England : Hampshire (& The Isle Of Wight)

Hampshire is a county on the southern coast of England in the United Kingdom. The county town of Hampshire is Winchester, the former capital city of England. Hampshire is notable for housing the birthplaces of the Royal Navy, British Army, … Continue reading

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Late For Dinner . . .

Another forray into the late thirties with Lilian Mattingly, this time to March of 1939. It must be remembered that in the mid to late thirties, Adolf Hitler still had his followers and admirers. His political and ideological theories, though … Continue reading

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Cooking For One

Returning once more to the archive, this is an article from April 1939 that shows how far emancipation had come since the turn of the century. The single, or bachelor, girl was no longer reliant on finding a husband in order … Continue reading

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March 1939

These pages from a magazine supplement entitled ‘Home Notes’ dated 11th March 1939, only six months from the commencement of the second world war, show a life of normality, far removed from world politics. But though life carried on much … Continue reading

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Christmas Cakes & Cookies

What is, or rather what is not, a Christmas cake? Christmas is an occasion when people of all ages, shapes, sizes and opinions come together for a time of fun, frivolity and food! This particular item comes from the immediate … Continue reading

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Of Sugar, Alcohol And Eggs

Sugar rationing ended in Britain at midnight on Saturday 26th September, 1953, after 13 years, 8 months, 2 weeks and 6 days. This was only a tad less than the Prohibition era that began on January 17th 1920 and remained … Continue reading

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“Whale Meat Again . . .”

Throughout the Middle Ages whale was consumed throughout Europe. It was hunted for both its meat and its oil. Under Catholicism, all aquatic beings being considered “fish”,  whale was deemed suitable for eating during Lent and other “fasting periods” An … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Craig – The Cooks Writer

The majority of the clips and articles found within the archive are either anonymous or attributed to ‘A Housewife’ or ‘A Cook’: the generic name for the staff writer assigned to cookery matters. But from the mid twenties onward, names … Continue reading

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