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Spring Lamb For Easter!

What better than a succulent joint of roast lamb to celebrate the Easter week-end! These hints and tips for doing just that come from an early sixties promotional pamphlet supplied with Womans Weekly magazine Following the transition from hunting and … Continue reading

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The Hot-Pot In Waiting

 The document for these recipes is somewhat old now, around 1935, and has not aged very well. I have included it anyway but  have also transcribed the text to make it easier to read. The Great British Hot-Pot There are many … Continue reading

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A Taste Of Wales

Wales is one of the four Kingdoms (the others being England, Scotland and Ireland) that unified to become the United Kingdom of Great Britain. A country in it’s own right for many centuries it still retains it’s own culture and … Continue reading

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Rabbit & Ham Pie

Bearing in mind that this is National Pie Week, here is a recipe for rabbit pie from the 1930’s. The eating of rabbit would have been far more common then and the ongoing improvement in the regulation of oven temperatures … Continue reading

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