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Never Enough Chocolate!

The history of chocolate has already been outlined on this blog through an old leaflet published by Cadbury’s in the fifties. Here is another version, also by Cadbury’s, from a mid-seventies chocolate book that I have already dipped into. I … Continue reading

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Cooking With Chocolate

There are a number of interesting books in the archive on cooking with chocolate and the article here comes from  the Cadbury’s Chocolate Cookbook published in the mid Seventies. At the time, the author Patricia Dunbar was head of Cadbury … Continue reading

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Brandy Snaps

Another offering from the Lyle’s Golden Cookbook from the archive dating back a mere thirty years comes this classic recipe. Often considered ‘difficult’ or ‘bothersome’ to make, the brandy snap is still a tea-time favourite that is well worth the … Continue reading

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Cup Or Fairy, Cake Is The Question!

Ah, the ubiquitous cupcake, captured here in a sixties magazine picture and displaying them in all their gaudy glory! But their initial appearance was, in fact, a good deal earlier. The first mention of the cupcake can be traced as … Continue reading

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A Christmas Cake, 1861

For this one I only have the images, no text. The four images begin with the ingredients laid out though to be fair, the method would be that of any other rich fruit cake recipe. Regard it as a sort … Continue reading

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Christmas Is Coming . . .

  The Advent calendar is a special calendar used to count down or celebrate the days in anticipation of Christmas. Most begin on December 1st regardless of when the Christian festival of Advent actually begins and usually takes the form … Continue reading

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More Novelty Cakes . . .

On the theme of novelty cakes once again here are a few more ideas from the  Woman’s Own Book with some quite diverse examples. Although a bunny tends to be symbolic of Easter, there is no reason why it should … Continue reading

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