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Michaelmas Goose

Today, 29th September is Michaelmas Day, the feast day of St Michael which has become a combined feast for the archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel. The traditions of the Christian feast of St. Michael and All Angels are heavily blended … Continue reading

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Tipsy Treacle Tart

From the Lyle’s Golden Cookbook, a mere whippersnapper of book from the archive dating back a mere thirty years comes this recipe for a traditional favourite at this time of year, the treacle tart. In line with the product the … Continue reading

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A Christmas Cake, 1861

For this one I only have the images, no text. The four images begin with the ingredients laid out though to be fair, the method would be that of any other rich fruit cake recipe. Regard it as a sort … Continue reading

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Pfeffernüsse Pastries

Pfeffernüsse are fluffy pastries made with ground nuts and spices, somewhat akin to maccaroons. Like the spekulatius, the biscuit has been part of European yuletide celebrations since the mid nineteenth century. Popular in Germany, Denmark, and The Netherlands as a … Continue reading

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Cookery Post Bag

Once again we have a Lillian Mattingly article, this time for a recipe request service. Back in the dim and distant thirties there was no internet to log onto for a recipe or advice and although it was always possible … Continue reading

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Sunday Teatime Specials

These recipes are not recipes as such, they are illustrations. Popular in magazines and newspaper supplements of the forties and fifties they assume a basic knowledge of home cooking in terms of things like choux pastry and meringue. The first … Continue reading

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With April fast approaching it is once again time to look into the Easter baking files. The kugelhopf, gugelhupf or gugelhopf is a southern German, Austrian, Swiss and Alsatian term for a marble or Bundt cake. It is firmly set … Continue reading

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