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The Raisins The Sun-Maid

Where would this blog be without a massive infusion of dried fruits? From sun-soaked South Africa to the mediteranean climes of California dried fruits have been sent out to the entire world. Without them where would be the the Plum … Continue reading

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The Origins Of Vegetarianism

The images illustrating this article are from Womans Own magazine of the forties and early fifties when vegetarianism was still somewhat of a new fangled fad to the average family. The health benefits were being widely promoted but the old … Continue reading

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A Series Of Grim Warnings

Ah, how times have changed. In these days of self empowerment and political correctness even to suggest that a person of a certain age (generally under sixteen and, gasp, female!) should have any kind of minor defect would be a … Continue reading

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Belisha And The Zebra Crossing

Belisha is a card game first published by Castell Brothers Ltd (Pepys Games) in 1937 that utilises the rules of Rummy with the traffic signs in the United Kingdom making up the theme. Instead of the standard suits and numbers … Continue reading

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Sarajevo And All That

Despite having written a great deal of articles on the second world war I find I have done very little on the first world war (or The War To End All Wars) The recipes I have found that represent the … Continue reading

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A Word From Our Sponsors . . .

It seems an awful long time since I last did an ad break but that doesn’t stop me from continuing to collect them. From decade to decade, generation to genaration the same things crop up with almost predictable monotony. Food … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Sold A Pup . . .

For the past four years I have believed that my Poppy was a Golden Retriever. She has the look, the temperament and the possessive nature so why should I not? And then in the course of a conversation with a … Continue reading

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