How to Patronize a Woman

Career for Women 1

“. . . the really well trained cook is one of the few women who need never fear unemployment”

This article from Good Housekeeping describes in better detail the limited range of jobs considered to be suitable for a woman in the twenties and thirties.

She does not even deserve the title of ‘chef’. That was reserved for her male counterparts!

A Career for Women 2It gives a very interesting slant on both the institutional and professional and sexism of the day.

Mind you, in this day and age after a long and varied career in kitchens around the world I have come to the conclusion that those who term themselves ‘cooks’ generally can, while many of those who term themselves ‘chefs’ can’t!

My apologies for any offense caused but in my defense I will just say that given the choice of a kitchen full of ‘cooks’ or a a kitchen full of ‘chefs’ I know which I would prefer! The opening sentence says it all really!

What do you want to do ?

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