The time has come the Walrus said . . .

. . . to speak of many things, of sailing ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and Kings!

Lewis Carrol

Indeed, as Granny Robertson’s Cookbook enters its sixth year, in this, it’s 400th post I thought it would be interesting to look back at half a dozen of the articles that I have surprised myself, and a multitude of others with!

The first must be the ‘Afternoon Tea’ concept that has taken up so much of my blogging time. It’s history and shameless one-upmanship are second to none in the British psyche,

The second concerning the consumption of whalemeat in the British diet is fascinating,

The third must be the establishment of Lever Brothers back at the beginning of the century culminating in the recent muti-billion dollar offer for Unilever by a larger, Kraft led conglomerate,

Fourth must be the mind-numbing ‘duck press’ article reblogged from a long time fellow blogger at ‘British Food – A History’ involving the compression of whole birds in a kind of cider press,

The fifth, a piece published in a ‘Boys Annual’ for Christmas 1965 with an article on the up-coming 1966 world cup competition. An amusing anomaly in this age of instant and in-your-face news/sports coverage,

and finally, sixth, the biggest surprise of the lot, is an article on Fanny Cradock. Ms Cradock (she never actually married Johnny) was one of the earliest twentieth century celebrity cooks, appearing regularly on television and touring the country with her cookery show. It has been firmly lodged in my ‘most viewed posts’ column since publication and remains to this day one of my highest rated posts with many thousand hits.

Who would have thought it with so much other daft stuff I’ve put out there on the blog! Granny Robertson must be spinning in her grave.

Many thanks to all my followers over the years and just keep on watching this space!

(I shall try not to disappoint)

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