To Catch A Crook

cycc1As a last foray into the ‘Eagle Annual’ for the time being here is a very innocent, very un-PC look at the world of the ‘stiff-lipped-upper-class-sergeant-Bruce-of-the-Yard’ and the lesser breed of ‘ill-educated-but-clever-lower-class-career- criminal-mastermind-Burke-the-Peterman’

The language alone is a dead give-away!

There will be a short quiz at the end to see if you have managed to spot all of the clues and solved the riddle along with our square jawed policeman!  Good Luck!

cycc2   cycc3cycc4Can You Catch A CrookI hope you all all enjoyed the stiff, right-handed upper cut from our hero to fell the villain!

So did you work it out?

If so, give yourself a well- deserved pat on the back.

The story must have been written some sixty odd years ago but the ethos and story line hark back to the era of Bogart, Cagney, Hemingway and Conrad, to the very Heart of Darkness itself!








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