The Art Of Feathering

Stork - image 1These images and recipes come from the booklet shown opposite which dates back to somewhere about the late fifties.

Despite being a promotional tool for Stork margarine it nevertheless contains some interesting insights into what would then have been basic home baking techniques.

Gateau cHere can be seen a good example of a ‘feathered’ gateau.

It consists of a simple sandwich cake, very simply presented, the feathering being a feature rather than the main ingredient.

The same principle is used to decorate the biscuits below.


Gateau bFeather Biscuits a


Feathered Biscuits c






Feather Biscuits b


The images (right) show in good detail the actual technique involved in both cases.

The icing can be of any two contrasting colours depending upon the occasion or whim!

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