Halloween Eats!

Hallows -pumpkinsWith Hallowe’en once more upon us and thoughts of the cold dark days ahead I thought I would throw in a few food items traditional at this time of year.

Hallowe’en is an ancient Celtic festival to celebrate the ‘New Year’ which back then began on the 1st of November, ushering in a sustained period of cold and dark.

An Ancient Celt 2I don’t  know if this chap here is the ancient Celt in question but you never know.

Hallows - WitchBe that as it may, the Jack o’ Lanterns and Bonfires are being lit up in honour of the occasion and in order to keep the ghosties, ghoulies, kelpies and witches at bay.

First of all we have a Welsh Bara-Brith, in the tradition of the festive fruit breads served up UK Wales - Bara-Brithon these UK Wales - Bara-Brith & Huish Cake (image)occasions.

Other traditional treats such as toffee apples, sausages roasted on sticks over the fire and baked jackets will be consumed while fireworks cause all sorts of loud noises and bright flashes to ensure that the evil spirits are kept at bay!

UK Ireland - Irish Soda Cake (Image)

UK Ireland - Irish Soda Cake

In Ireland, soda cake is also a sort of staple for the occasion.

Hallows - Devils Food CakeDevils Food Cake

Angel Cake


Red Velvet Cake

Hallows - Angel food Cake

Hallows  - Red Velvet Cake


I’m not sure if this chap here is an Ancient Celt or not but he certainly seems to have been waiting for a considerable time!

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