The Dessert Fort

Cad 2Continuing what seems to be becoming a rather obsessive blogging of chocolate related items I thought that this might be of some interest.

As the antique advert to the right here suggests, Cadbury’s chocolate is, or rather was, a British product. But in the book of celebration cakes I found this little gem. (That clever little pun in the title will soon become awfully clear!!!)

How is it then that we find a fort, flying the Union Jack, somewhere in a desert in North Africa, judging by the camels, being defended by Confederate soldiers?

Choc14I mean, just how silly can you get!

Mojave DesertEverybody knows there are no camels in the Mojave Desert! (see right!)

That there is a Joshua tree by the way, just in case you’re interested.

The only other point I might raise would be to question the sanity of anyone wishing to build a chocolate fort in the desert at all! (desert – dessert Get it?) Oh never mind!


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