Cowdray House – Remains of Empire

DSC00185Anyone who knows me will know that the mere sight of an old house or elderly estate will light a fire under me that compares with the fires lit under John Latimer and his cronies, standing over heretics fires in far earlier times ‘that will never be put out!’

Silly sods! They burnt anyway, as surely will I!

DSC00171But be that as it may, Cowdray Park includes the ruins of one of England’s greatest Tudor houses, architecturally comparable to both Kenilworth and Warwick

And yesterday, on a mid-Autumn evening in late September I took these images.

As a rule for this blog I try and have some DSC00173sort of background material prepared, (dates, times, names etc.) but these are worthy of publication on their own account. I shall of course revisit at some later date to fill in the gaps!

Situated in the Parish of Easebourne, just east of Midhurst, West Sussex, it was largely destroyed by fire on 24 September 1793, but the ruins have nevertheless been Grade I listed.

DSC00177In the way of the great houses of the last century, so easily depicted in the likes of Downton Abbey, (justice will be done!) it shows to great effect the mind-blowing, money eating structures devised by uber-wealthy patrons of the 16th century

Please enjoy!




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2 Responses to Cowdray House – Remains of Empire

  1. Peter Downer says:

    Love the pics. Is this a national trust property? Do they charge visitors?

    • kayjayaitch says:

      The remains seen here are part of the Cowdray Estates Trust which are open every Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holiday between April & September from 11am to 4 pm. As far as I am aware entry is free, the trust is not short of a few bob!

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