Variations On A (Chocolate) Sponge!

Choc8bThe sponge cake, once the mainstay of the British kitchen, has diminished somewhat in the last few years what with the decline in schools ‘Home Economics’ style schooling where the basics were drummed into many an unwilling pupil.

Choc9Although celebration cakes have lost none of their appeal, advances in machine production have meant that the mass production techniques of the large supermarkets have removed the basic need to actually roll up the sleeves and get stuck in. But be that as it may, I shall continue to champion the return to those good old days of long, hot summers, wandering through autumnal hued lanes in search of blackberries and sloes, of idyllic evenings before the roaring fire toasting Choc10crumpets!   (Does anybody actually know what I’m talking about? Neither of you? Oh dear!)

Well anyway, this is the basic Victoria sandwich, named for Queen Victoria, but on a chocolate theme!

The recipes for the delightfully presented images on the right, (pg 15!) from the much abused ‘Woman’s Own’ volume,  follow below and I hope that somebody out there may be inspired to attempt something a little different this weekend.

The main difference is that these recipes all use chocolate as their basic flavouring, their raison d’etre so to speak! Enjoy anyway!


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