Diplomatic Dishes – Starters

Diplomatic Dishes - CoverLady Maclean sought these recipes from friends and eminent personalities across the world and reflect a different world from that of the everyday household.

The book brings together many recipes that I would not normally consider for this particular blog but there is certainly a cultural element that unquestionably places them fair and square in the 20th century and since the book is a part of the wider archive I shall add some of them from time to time

Diplomatic Dishes - Foreword

Diplomatic Dishes - First Course Title

Diplomatic Dishes - Crayfish Baden-BadenDiplomatic Dishes - Croutes PrintanieresDiplomatic Dishes - CoquilleSt Jacques

Diplomatic Dishes - Aubergine CalasDiplomatic Dishes - Eggs SomersetDiplomatic Dishes - Garlic MushroomsDiplomatic Dishes - Gnocchi di spinaciDiplomatic Dishes - Plate 7

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