Victory in Europe

PapersThis past weekend has seen the country-wide celebration of the 70th anniversary of the end of the second world war in Europe.

Winston Churchill 1945 Six years and one day of privation and danger turned into a national street party.

Home Sweet HomeAlthough rationing was to continue well into the early fifties, foods were found, by hook or by crook, to VE Day Foodcelebrate. I have covered many different aspects of life during the war on this blog already, but for the occasion  I have rifled the archive for some images of the time and here they are.

Most are from newspaper cuttings of the day and the quality is somewhat tacky but they are what they are and justly deserve a place Untitled-Scanned-40Street Lifehere.


Street Party 3

IngenuityStreet Party 2Street Party 15196-0

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