Poppy’s Progress


So what’s it to be? A walk or a cuddle?

Since her arrival back in March, Poppy has more or less settled in. Her favourite hunting ground is Park Wood, although there are lots of interesting dogs to be found in Jubilee Park too!

She has also taken a fancy to digging holes in my lawn. I must admit it was never of bowling green standard but the holes are definitely not improving it

Her name varies from time to time, anything from Pops to Popsicle to STOPDOINGTHATNOW!

DSCF6099She has adopted the mantel of the only Hanover 69 (see left) supporter in Hampshire from her predecessor Alice!

She has also won the first certificate in the household since my golden cocker spaniel, Boots, unexpectedly passed the first stage of his obedience course and earned a certificate to commemorate that particular miracle!

Here she is (below right) with her cup and rosette for being ‘best rescue dog in show’ at a local charity fete!

P5She has established a good rapport with the neighbours (she doesn’t dig up their lawns!) the chap who comes to mow the lawn and prune the roses when I am away from home (he keeps dog biscuits in his pockets!) and consistently refuses to bite the nephew and niece!

But apart from that she a happy, mischievous bundle of fun who is beginning to enjoy life to the full. She has still to discover the secrets of Sammy’s toy box! She seems a bit bemused as to what it is actually for!

Here, for those of you who like such things, are a few pictures featuring the young lady herself . . . Enjoy!

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1 Response to Poppy’s Progress

  1. Peter Downer says:

    She’s lovely. Hope everyone else is doing well too.

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