One For The Boys

PastimesRailway MazeOnce again the ‘Odhams Book of Childrens Games, Puzzles and Pastimes’ Omnibus provides a couple of games but this time of a more macho nature. Instead of a cissy Princess in a tower, here we have a proper train set!

It has sidings and stations and ‘broken’ lines and all the kinds of a proper railway would have. No wizards here boys!

And the second one, below, is of the same bold colouring and imagery as ‘The Zoo’ but this time we have two farmers racing to get their sheep to market! There’s no ‘hopping in a taxi’ involved here! This is real mans work!

Farm 1&2 bFarm 3

As with the previous game-board the vehicles depicted, especially the horse and cart, the steam engine, and the hay wain add to the ambiance of the scene.

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