Mountaineering On Paper

The Mountaineering Game - RulesThis one is quite interesting. It comes from the same 1940’s ‘children’s pastimes’ book from which the photography article came.

In this age of 24 hour television, mobile phones, game players and keep-in-constant-contact-with-everybody devices it is hard to imagine this exciting much attention.

I can remember playing games of this nature by candle light during the power cuts of the seventies when the TV was unavailable. All you need is a couple of counters (or buttons, or coins) and a dice and you’re away!

Why not give it a try? You might enjoy it! Providing the goats don’t get you of course . . .

The Mountaineering Game

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1 Response to Mountaineering On Paper

  1. Kitchen-Counter-Culture says:

    Just imagining a funny spoof set in Nepal in which the Sherpas finally demand better pay or something!

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