Sad news again I’m afraid. Yesterday, following a short but rather nasty illness, we had to let Alice go. After a period of increasing arthritis that spread to her lower spine which made it ever more difficult for her to stand up, let alone walk, her quality of life diminished rapidly. I like to think that following her hard early years on a ‘puppy farm’ she achieved some of the happiness she deserved in her later years in a loving home. Here are a few of my favourite images of her:

DSCF5604Here she is in one of her favourite haunts, a small patch of woodland close to her normal stomping ground of Jubilee Park :

IMAG0142Savaging a rather large tree branch,

DSCF5525Standing guard in her own garden,

2006_0805Fuji10016Somewhat wet and smelly following a dip in her pool,

DSCF5706Sharing a happy day with her beloved ‘boys’, Jumble, Rory and Rupert!

DSCF5587Sleeping off a rather large lunch of some form but still on guard,

DSCF5588Looking after a visitor whilst still keeping a watchful eye on the gate,

Sammy & Alice

Sammy & Alice

Alice and Sammy, (see more of Sammy here) her long time companion and partner in crime. And here are a few more of Alice at the beach shortly after Sammy left us, and finally a portrait taken in the garden for some long forgotten reason but a good image none the less :

YP - AliceIt is only to be hoped that she is now back with her Sammy, running through the long grass in the eternal hunt for celestial squirrels and rabbits!

Sammy & Alice running free

She will be sorely missed by all those who knew and loved her.

Goodnight Alice and God bless!

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2 Responses to Alice

  1. mickcgorman says:

    What a beautiful girl, she reminds me of my Luca who died 2 years ago.

    • kayjayaitch says:

      Thank you for that. She will be sadly missed. Its the first time my house has been dog-less for 25 years. But the search for another deserving pooch will begin soon!

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